Against the backdrop of simmering racial tensions within her rural English town, the life of eleven year old Hannah changes forever when she meets a boy from a mysterious and forbidden world.

Directed by Eva Riley and produced by Michelangelo Fano.

  • Nominee, Palm d'Or Short Film, Cannes Film Festival 2015


Caitlin's paranoia is growing as she receives therapy to cope with the loss of her young son. A creeping memory leads her to a shocking truth. 

Directed by Duncan Roe, for Disruptive Element Films.

  • Official Selection, Palm Springs Short Film Festival, 2017
  • Official Selection, Cleveland International Film Festival 2017
  • Official Selection,Nashville Film Festival 2017


Following a little boy's journey in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal, as he attempts visit his mum in hospital.

Directed by Fateme Ahmadi and Asmita Shrish, supervised by Naomi Kawase.

  • Official Selection, Busan International Film Festival 2015
  • Official Selection, Locarno Film Festival 2016
Diagnosis - Abolfazl Talooni


A seemingly conventional young woman's anxieties reveal themselves through her secretive evening work as a medical role player.

Starring Charlotte Spencer, directed by Eva Riley and produced by Emilie Jouffroy for BBC Films.

  • BIFA Awards best short film long-listed 2017
  • Official Selection, Palm Springs Short Film Festival, 2017
  • Nominee Best UK Short Film, Raindance 2017
  • Official Selection, Encounters 2017


Competitive bodybuilding becomes 16-year old Chloe's outlet after becoming the victim of revenge porn for Icelandic Film Centre.

Directed by Eva Sigurdardottir and produced by Alexandra Blue.

  • Nominated for directing, writing and XX Award, Under Wire festival 2017
  • Official Selection, Reykjavík International Film Festival 2017


To keep her job and home in London, a recently immigrated single mother has to hide her daughter from her boss and landlord.

Starring Ada Condeescu, directed by Fateme Ahmadi and produced by Emma Parsons for BFI Network and Film London.


A series of five original short monologues written by up and coming talent from across the UK.

Staring Charlotte Beaumont, James Floyd, Joivan Wade, directed by Toby Fell-Holden and Nour Wazzi and produced by Rachelle Constant for BBC Three.

Watch the series on iPlayer.


Entangled bodies of ambiguous gender engage in combative exploration of each other's boundaries. The work aims to challenge preconceived notions of femininity, power, strength and heroic eroticism.


    Traumatized by her daughter's death, a Ukrainian nurse attempts to take retribution, but is  unprepared for the consequences.

    Directed by Christina Tynkevych, for Toy Cinema Productions.

    • Official Selection, Odessa International Film Festival 2017
    • Official Selection, Brooklyn Film Festival 2017


    Three estranged siblings are reunited in their family home after the death of their father.

    Starring Justin Salinger, directed by Roberto Oliveri and produced by Ali Mansuri.

    Miss - Abolfazl Talooni


    A conscientious English teacher receives a story from a student depicting her violent death.

    Starring Rosalie Craig, directed by Drew Paut and produced by Katie Hodgki for Creative England.

      La La means I love you - Abolfazl Talooni.jpg


      London, 1968. In the morning, Lois is going on tour with Danny. A groupie's dream, but as the departure looms, cracks begin to appear in the relationship. 

      Starring Daisy Waterstone, with music by Hal Lindes of the Dire Straits, directed by Margarita Milne for Cassette Films.


        Two teenagers start their day on opposite sides of the barricades during a far right demonstration, but finish the day together.

        Directed by Seemab Gul for Arts Council England.

        • Official Selection, London Short Film Festival 2016.
        Glaswasian Tales - Abolfazl Talooni.jpg


        Four young men, from Glasgow’s Southside immigrant communities, yearn for life and love, amidst the pressures, chaos and dangers in a community unsettled by change.

        Directed by Lalitha Rajan with the support of Creative Scotland.

        Nell Gwynn - Abolfazl Talooni

        NELL GWYNN

        A short film based on the award-winning theatre production of the same name. 

        Staring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, directed by Jessica Swale and produced by Ryan Bennett.